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About the Examinations

The syllabus does not work without the examinations. The purpose of the yearly exams is to give both students and parents a common goal to work towards. It is through the examinations that these goals are fulfilled, and the achievements become a source of inspiration.

Each student pays an Examination Registration Fee, six weeks prior to the exams. It is recommended that teachers give weekly pre-exam classes 4 to 6 weeks prior to the exams. Additionally, teachers should make available class music for home practice. On average, a 70% improvement takes place during this preparation time.

Examination Policies

Beginners, at age 5, Pre Primary, Primary, and Grade 1 are examined in a full group with their teacher leading the class. All other grades are examined in groups of up to 7 students at a time.

Examinees receive one grade for technique and one for expression and artistry. Each student receives a certificate and a written report from the examiner.

Examination Fees

Beginners: $18
Pre Primary-Primary: $24
Grade 1: $29
Grade 2: $32
Grade 3: $35
Grade 4: $40
Level 5: $45
Level 6: $50
Level 7: $60
Level 8: $70

Examination Dress Code

Exams are classical and formal occasions. Students caring for every detail of the physical presentation. Hair in classical bun with no bangs, black (or studio color) leotard with tank top, no skirts unless pre-arranged, pink tights, usually ribbons on clean well fitted pink practice shoes.

Assistance with Examinations

Excelsior School of Dance and Performing Arts Director, Sonja Staines is available to assist and talk with any teacher using the SCB syllabus. She arranges for examiners each year to go to studios across the United States.

To contact Sonja Staines, please phone Excelsior School of Dance at: 281-292-7134

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