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The SCB Syllabus is available to Christian ballet teachers (please phone for details). The syllabus is for classical ballet and covers techniques including barre, port de bras, adage, pirouettes and diagonal turn, unseen work and set enchainements, adage, allegro and Grade dance. All music is classical, although teachers may use Christian music for port de bras and adages. Teachers choreograph the exam dance to Christian music (some use their recital dance), taking care to choreograph it for the appropriate grade level and skill.

Students are placed in class according to their age and skill. Each grade level is demonstrated on video. Students learn their syllabus throughout the year, gradually working to perfect their detail, heading for their exam date. Some US studios examine in April, so they are free to perform concerts or recitals in May. Others studios start work in September, perform concerts in February, and finally detail the already learned work for May examination.


The syllabus is printed in a book format with every exercise detailed and designed according to age and experience:

  • Book 1: Children's Grades
    Beginner, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 4
  • Book 2: Level 5 / Senior Grade (Praise Preparatory)
  • Book 3: Level 6 / Pre-Elementary (Praise)
  • Book 4: Level 7 / Elementary (Devotion)
  • Book 5: Level 8 / Intermediate (Glory)
  • Book 6: Level 9 / Advanced (Soon to be available)


Music for every arrangement and exercise is given, and it is available from dance sources.


DVD demonstrations for each Grades and Levels comes with the printed material.Plans are to re-record in 2010 to include all updates.

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